Ventura Calls on Feeney to Return $12,500 in Union Funding




In the wake of pre-primary OCPF Reports, Republican attorney Jacob Ventura, candidate for State Senate, released the following statement:


“ The political union loophole, essentially a separate set of finance laws for labor groups, was designed  for unions to have an outsized monetary influence in the political arena. By using this loophole, Paul Feeney is disregarding the spirit of campaign finance law. Mr. Feeney should return the $12,500 he’s received via this loophole. His reluctance to do so shows where his values are, within the wallets of union bosses and not with the people.


An avowed supporter of socialized medicine and Bernie Sanders, Paul Feeney will be a radical leftist shift in an already liberal environment.


As your State Senator, I will represent you, the voter, and not the union bosses that have funded the Feeney campaign from day one. I will fight every day for the hardworking taxpayers and constituents of the Bristol and Norfolk district while being a strong ally of Governor Baker.


On October 17, voters will have a choice between the radical left and a proven leader who will fight for the people. I am humbled by the support I’ve received and I look forward to winning the Republican nomination in the primary on September 19. ”