Stronger Towns

Better Roads
I have worked on diverting additional transportation funding to our local towns while working in the office of Representative Steven Howitt, ranking member of the Joint Committee on Transportation. I will continue to seek funds to maintain our local roads, bridges, and overpasses. Additionally, I'll seek further reforms at the MBTA to ensure greater efficiency and a better customer experience for passengers. 

Great Schools 
Great schools begin with supporting our educators in the classroom and promoting parent/guardian involvement as well as school choice. Massachusetts has continued to be ranked #1 in the U.S. in math and science achievement. 

I will be a strong advocate for the trades; promoting vocation and agricultural schools and strong apprentice partnerships between students and local industry. I will also propose legislation creating a feasibility study that seeks to incorporate a financial literacy component that each student should be required to complete in order to graduate from public high school. This program will focus on applied financial literacy, including such commonplace budgets as household, check book, student loans, home mortgage, and retirement planning.  

Safe Communities
I oppose the Commonwealth and any municipality therein from claiming "sanctuary status" and not cooperating with federal authorities. Public safety is a cornerstone of our communities and our constituents' well-being. Supporting our public safety officers will always be a high priority. 

I also support tougher laws on convicted sex offenders and felons who have served time and will file legislation with goals to better protect our communities. Additionally, I will promote and uphold the Second Amendment and support law abiding citizens' rights to gun ownership. 

Senior citizens living on fixed incomes deserve a government that works for them, not against them. I will continue to advocate for lower tax rates including senior property tax relief, and increased funding for the many senior centers and housing authorities throughout the Bristol and Norfolk district. 

Veterans and Persons with Disabilities
Having worked on behalf of many of our region's veteran's for the past several years, I will always fight for better care for our vets. Linking our local Veteran Service Officers and veterans with additional state and federal resources will continue to be a top priority as Senator. 

Further, I support legislation serving some of our most vulnerable populations such as persons with disabilities or infirmities. All people deserve access to health care and employment opportunities. I will fight to create incentives for job creators to hire and train people with disabilities.