Economic Growth

Job Creation
Having worked in finance in the private sector, I understand the financial and regulatory challenges that businesses face.  I will host small business round table meetings on a quarterly basis and one-on-one meetings with businesses as needed.  I will be a champion for small businesses so they may continue to invest in the Commonwealth and hire more of our citizens.

Lower Taxes
In order to retain and expand the revenue base in Massachusetts, we must remain competitive with our neighbor states, promote the opening of new businesses, continue expansion of existing businesses, and encourage relocation to the Commonwealth.  I will work to lower the state income tax, sales tax, and meals tax to 5%, and propose a permanent annual sales tax holiday.

Less Regulations
I will conduct a comprehensive review aimed at reforming and repealing regulations that plague economic development across various industries. When businesses are forced to invest more of their resources for legal and compliance at the expense of expansion, R&D, and hiring, the burden of government regulations are an impediment to a good business climate in the Commonwealth.